Who’s your guardian angel?


Since morning, my mind is struck on a word called ‘guardian angel’ and i am wondering whether guardian angels actually exist or is it just a misconception. As Wikipedia says, a guardian angel is an angel assigned by god to protect and guide a person. Now i wonder if each person on this earth has a guardian angel then there must be an equal number of guardian angels in the heaven as well or may be on earth, guiding each person. But the question is how to recognize our guardian angels. Do they wear white costumes like fairies? Do they have wings? Are they spirits? Can they fly? How do they interact with us? Where do they stay? Well, these questions are endless. But when i think of my guardian angel, the best answer that comes to my mind is my parents and no they don’t have wings or wear white clothes all the time, but they surely protect, guide me, love me and care for me round the clock.
Well in that way, all the parents become guardian angels for their children because they give more than their life to see their children happy but often we tend to neglect them not because we don’t love them; its just that we take them for granted and their love and care goes unnoticed.
My quest for discovering more about people’s guardian angel revealed that these angels come in various shapes, sizes, age groups, relationships and some are even based on situations. Yes there are situation based guardian angels! Some said that their friend, their life partner, lover, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, brother or teacher are their guardian angles and others felt that those who save them from troubles or make them happy are their guardian angles. It seems that everyone had an answer to this question and i wonder which quality differentiate some among others to be that one guardian angel for someone.
It is quite amazing to know that even in today’s world where there is hatred, aggression, anguish and rat-race for glory; people still have belief in that magic, goodness and charm and a trust that their guardian angel will vanish all their troubles & pains.

2 thoughts on “Who’s your guardian angel?

  1. Garima says:

    True!! as it is been rightly said by someone that “In order to worship God,Worship your parents”.As they are the ones who bring us to this world,mould us,and shape us according to the situations and existing lifestyle of the world,they care us,love us and respect us without any expectations and any rewards in returns..they are truly our Angels to us or merely a god’s blessing which has showered on us by the almighty.

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