Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Prettiest of them all?


I had to share this!

My office management removed mirror from the ladies washrooms!

This is one of the most deadliest weapon that our management has ever thought of using on us ‘ladies’. I agree, we are annoying sometimes when we are taking a little too much in the washrooms especially for our ” makeup touch-up’s” and meanwhile others have to wait for their turn under a constant pressure of nature’s call but hey, people expect us to look good all the time.

While i am excitedly sharing this news, i must give you a little background information. Since, we comprise of a decent number of employees at our office, that too mostly girls, we just have one small washroom- no separate chambers or anything. The problem started when some of our ugly betty’s started spending way too much time in the washrooms, just to turn out to be disco divas. 😉 Yeah! that’s what makeup does to you! And i must admit, i was part of this other team who would constantly complain about these ugly betty’s regarding these make-up sessions because we are the one’s  who had to hold our emergency nature’s calls for too long because these girls would be busy in their denting & painting inside the washroom.

I accept and i respect that everyone loves watching themselves in the mirror. It’s good to appreciate yourself but in the middle of the day during tedious working hours, leaving your most important phone call and compromising your work just to have a look of your pretty face.. hmm.. its insane!

But i must admit that even i am missing that mirror in the washroom. That empty wall forces me to notice the absence of the mirror. Quite ironical but true, women have a love-hate relationship with mirrors. I am wondering who would entertain our ugly betty’s.

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