Exploring Expressions through Blogs

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I am not an avid blogger! That’s because i have realized that anything which is done forcefully or as a compulsion loses its sanctity. When you have a viewpoint, it is pretty much easy to comprehend and put it in words. Its this compulsion or rule of having a topic to write on is what makes me skeptical. Sometimes, i wonder how people have so much to say. I mean what kind of life they live, the kind of experiences they might have had that force them to analyze, comprehend and reflect everything on paper and that too so easily. This perception of mine was challenged when i read blogs of my fellow bloggers.They were simple, straight from the heart; no literal master-pieces or iconic life-changing stories (exceptions are always there) but the daily routines, innocent confessions, personal struggles, life challenges and opinions on simple & complex things of life.

These blogs changed my views. Its not about how grammatically correct or error free you write on your blogs but it about how true you are to your readers and yourself on your blog and how effortlessly you convey your feelings to your readers in the most simplistic conversations with yourself in your writings.


I thank all those writers that time & again reincarnate my love for writing unknowingly.

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