Communication! Interaction! Exchanging ideas! The give and take of viewpoints! Expressions! Perspectives! Discussions!

All of the above words have an unsaid connection to each other which is so ‘stark’ and so ‘understated’ at the same time. I have always believed in sharing your sorrows and joys with your loved ones for this will not only help you feel good but will strengthen your relationships and bonding.

Image We have heard and read end number of stories, advice and to-do lists from the “so-called” relationships experts but not many talk about communication as an important factor in ‘Friendship’. I really feel that taking our heart out once in a while in front of your buddies is important. We often forget that our best buddies have to be thanked, pampered and loved for being a support system. They are our only channel that astonishingly sense our negativity, our mood swings, our nastiness and amazingly play the role of our perfect partner-in-crime.They make you laugh, crib with you about your employer, dress you up for a party, give you relationship advice, bitch about an annoying colleague and make Plan of Actions (POA) at a super-sonic speed in any SOS situation. Their sharp wit, undefeatable humor and gross jokes will make you laugh hard. As i am narrating the super special qualities of an ideal friend, i really have a person in my mind that perfectly fits in all the criteria and hence, i go back to the point from where i started- COMMUNICATION.



I feel i need to communicate with this friend of mine. ‘She’ made me laugh when i was drop-dead depressed; the one who came up with some insane ideas when i lost all my hopes for future; she inspired me to be a bit more fashion conscious and she is the one who told me its better to be bitchy sometimes. In a nutshell, people say she is the one who made me a little less- sophisticated. 😉 (I would say a little- easy- going person).


After praising so much about her, i really felt that we didn’t had a good conversation from the last few days. I know she is a bit silly and i am a bit cranky at times, but we know how to clear-out things and its time we both express our anger, our disappointments from each other and finally communicate.

For friendship is as delicate as a glass; a little mishandling may break a masterpiece.

May our masterpiece shines for years to come.

Cheers Miss ‘H’! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friends-Connection!

  1. Harleen says:

    I Don’t need words to express 🙂 I don’t need tears to shed 🙂 I don’t need to ask for smile or a hand to handle me… All i need is to be your friend cum Sista for Rest of my Life :*

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