What a Start!


So my mail says its time to blog! Its my weekly goal to blog one write-up a week. I really don’t know what to write or may be i have so much within me that i don’t know from where to start and pour out everything. My last blog post was summarizing my life story in the year 2013 so this blog should talk about what I’ve thought about 2014. But i think i am a little late in penning down this stuff because 10 days of the new year had already been passed and this new year is not so new anymore. Like everybody, i too had a long list of new year resolutions like loosing a few pounds, a healthy diet, great career, go-getter attitude and so on but to my amazement, i am eating more, relaxing more, and sleeping more in these past 10 days 😛 But i think planning doesn’t work for me.


I think we should take each day as it comes to you and face the challenges with open mind; preconceived notions and regulations not only restrict you to expand your wings but pressurize you to a certain extend. I wish i can let off this pressure in the coming week. Although, half of my pressure has already vanished because of my trembling goals but there is a hope that ill achieve that in the days to come.

Wishing the same for all.

Happy New Year!

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