Compliments: The Golden Words


Everybody love compliments, especially if they are sudden, out-of-the-blue, totally unexpected and that too from the people who you would have never thought, even in your smartest guesses, that they would praise you. You are actually stunned that they are observing you, this closely. A pleasant remark that you receive by them can really make your day.

I must share this, me and ‘Lil’ are working hard on a magazine from almost 1.5 years; our editor is least interested in appreciating us for our efforts and the progress of the magazine. She says that if she’ll appreciate our work, (which is out of question, looking at her track record), we might take her words to our heads. Huh! I have definitely heard of a reverse psychology theory but taking it forward to this extent is quite a task and my editor, i guess, is doing a great job in this.  Hence, this drought of compliments and acknowledgement has really starved us to the core.

Today, one of my colleague complimented us for our efforts, our hard work and praised us on the outcome in the form of a brilliant issue. This appreciation was like a rain in the period of drought. Its strange that acknowledging something is so simple & easy and yet so difficult.

I am glad that there are people who know how to appreciate and for those who don’t, i suggest, should open their hearts so that there’s enough room for acceptance and gratitude!

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