Valentines day: Some Random Thoughts


A cute DIY vase made by ‘Lil’ for her roses that’ll come on valentines day

Sooo tomorrow is valentines day !
I wish all the lovers a very happy valentines day 🙂  Well! Having said that, i would like to say why only couples should have all the fun! Isn’t valentines day, a day of love irrespective of just one relationship tagged as “couple”.


For me, its a day for all those who love “love”; whether its a love they posses for themselves, their siblings, parents, family, friends, or for the far away extended family. I believe, its for anyone and everyone who believes in love. So if i am single, why should i wait for somebody to make me feel special on a particular day. I know for a fact that i am special and all of us are special in one or the other way. My point is why can ‘t we treat ourselves with the best lover and that is ‘we’ ‘our self’. We are the ones who can be a best lover to our soul as in our hearts, deep down, we know our strength and weaknesses and still accept the way we are. I am 99.9% sure that nobody but only you could love and respect you more than anything else. I am proud of being me and i love being me and tomorrow i am gonna remind myself that i am god’s special child and i am loved by him. After all these random thought, i came to a conclusion that i should do this everyday and not just on valentines day. Hmm…we can love people around us and make them feel special in each passing moment  rather than just one day a year. Yes, small things makes a lot of difference and a lot of hope for the coming year.
I wish all the lovely people a happy journey of a valentines life. May your love go beyond the boundaries of mere one day and transcends through out life. ♡♡♥♥

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