The Mirror Woes


Our excitement levels are exactly the same! lol

The madhouse now has a manager- The HR Manager! Well this is not really the exciting part of the news, the actual breaking news is that we got our mirror back!! 😉 For those who are totally clueless about what exactly i am saying, my previous post ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who’s the Prettiest of them All‘ will give you a little background information:)

For those who don’t have the time to read that, i’ll cut shot the whole story. It goes like this- our office has a high sex ratio of girls over boys and still have just one washroom which was witnessing a brutal exploitation by the pretty ladies, basically for their make-up sessions. This beauty regime resulted the loss of our mirror, a smart move by the authorities!

So, coming back to the reason of my happiness- the mirror is back and was welcomed whole- heartedly by a bunch of over excited girls. The credit goes to the new HR.

Thanks lady!! You have officially made a history in the ” madhouse”!!

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