Moments of Despair


“Ignore’ is the word!” Yes! this is exactly what i used to follow and advice people to do so. Ignore whenever some morons comment at you. Ignore when a totally ignorant snobbish person judge your capabilities, ignore when people stare at you unnecessarily. Ignore when people do meaningless talks. But today, i feel cheated. I feel betrayed because these habit of ignorance is not really working for me. I am unable to ignore people who try to be bossy with me even if they are not, officially and personally. I couldn’t ignore the troublesome children who threw a water balloon at me (Holi festival is around the corner, less than a week to go) also, i couldn’t ignore somebody who is very close to me and thinks that i am a trouble!!! Oh really! but i wonder how!

I’ve always been good to people, tried to understand their perspective, helped them, cheer them up when they were sad, let go off my food and clothing for them, did their work, feed them when they were sick, literally sacrificed some of the most precious people in my life because of their disapproval and ignored their mood swings and yet, i am the one who is a TROUBLE! Great. I guess, this is what you get, a penalty of being too sweet! I want to ignore and erase this word from my memory as if it was not being said ever. But the ironical thing is the words said by people close to you hurts the most because they are the ones whose care, advice matters to you the most. I just have one question in mind, if i can ignore so many things of people why can’t they ignore small blunders done by me. Because this is what is expected if you are a family!

Actually, after writing these 304 words, i am a little relaxed. My mind is calm!


The words written above were an emotional outburst i had few days ago. While i am reading all this again, i am so so glad that i didn’t posted it at that point of time. I am actually proud of myself that i had that much patience and sense (even in that highly frustrating moment) that i shouldn’t rant like this on my blog! But now, since, i am over with that little disappointment, (a very small thing now that i look back) i am posting this as my diary post while i was in moments of despair!

Always be positive! šŸ™‚

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