Being ‘Me’

It’s been quite a while since, i wrote my last post and i must admit i was a little apprehensive about writing this one as well. A lot has been changed in these last two-three months. A lot of shopping, new friends, being an agony aunt to all the people surrounding me, some get-togethers and a lot of other stuff. And this new dashboard of WordPress amazes me- a lot user friendly and less complicated!

Yes, ‘Complicated’ is the most apt word i would like to describe my current state of mind. How would you perceive a person who is polite and modest to you at some point of time and after continuous suggestions, reactions and as an outburst of situations, evolve as a truly outspoken, outrageous, critic, sharp, witty, clever and a ‘smart’ individual. Well! Too much, too early to digest for people including friends. But this is what they demanded, Isn’t it? They expected me to give it back to people. Of course, in a logical and acceptable way.

The thing that amazes me is how swiftly i put on these shoes with those special qualities. I am proud of my metamorphosis but i am sad that i had to go through situations that were unwelcomed but as they say every experience, every individual is a lesson in your life. I hope i change. I am thankful that i have changed (this is what i presume) but i wish i grow stronger, i grow healthier- physically, mentally, economically and spiritually and i remain rational, logical and importantly, i remain ‘ME’ !!


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