Thank You!

You’re rude sometimes!!!! But your words seems right! May be, the harsh reality is what is bugging me! Amongst all the words that you said- the ones that generated hatred & anguish and made me realize that I was being betrayed, I know that its you who’s being truthful and real. It feels as if I was left somewhere midway in our journey! I am not abandoned.. I was walking on my own pace and you let me be! Until today! And I am glad you were rude and harsh with your words, throwing reality right on my face like a storm of dust, an uncontrollable rampage that created an utter silence after leaving!! I am feeling calm and composed, I am chewing your words but I am glad I have you!!!

Thank you for pushing me out of  my comfort zone and pulling me strongly into your world!!!

I am glad you are with me my love……..


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