Hey Everyone! I am Amandeep Kaur, a medical student in school who drifted her ways from her ‘Dear Science’ only to find herself graduating with a Home Science degree from DU. Though a sheer surprise to myself, i m doing okey with a Masters’ degree in hand. “Development Communication” it is. Well, the degree itself was in its developing stage when i first entered my M.Sc lecture hall. But now when i look back, those were the best days of my life. The learning, the exposure, the friendship, the love, the bonding and the memories that i accumulated in those days made me the person i am today. That two year period took me out of my shell quite literally!

Well, after doing  internships and trainings in NGOs, i finally got my first job which was like my baby steps towards entering the vast sea of ‘words’. Now its been three years and i really feel its time to reflect back on how far i’ve reached.

Well, i am not a people’s person i guess and i usually don’t talk much, i usually have my headphones on all the time when i am travelling to work and my smartphone is the only company that i have all the time. But on second thoughts, I really feel that once i get along with a person, i can be a best friend who is talkative, annoying, sweet, dominating & the one who will give you occasional lectures. 🙂

This blog is my attempt to shed all my inhibitions to open up with people & share, discuss, interact & tell my story, my thoughts and my perceptions on issues, people, life and almost anything under the sun.


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