So finally i got a message from my silly friend. I guess my thoughts were wandering way too much! He’s okay with whatever said and done. His golden words were,”You’re a buddy! You can say any stupid thing to me” 😀 Simple, precise yet deep and thoughtful.

On that note, i would say Thanks buddy! I look forward to many more fights 😛



Wandering Thoughts

While browsing through some interesting blogs, i just thought of writing a quick post. Well, its a boring day at office, its not that i don’t have work, in fact i have lots of work! The irony is my will, my mind and my heart is a little lazy today and this whole ‘funda’ of writing “The Future Trends of the LED Lighting Industry of India” seems a hell lot of boring stuff right now! Yeah! i write technical stuff about LED lights, those tiny little bulbs that generally fuse off my sense while i dig into all the technical specifications and numbers. They really remind me of my physics classes in school and those were horrible. Nevertheless, i am not in a mood to bring in LEDs again into my discussions. I am here to make an honest confession.


Yesterday, i made a silly comment on my friend, a very dear friend. I’ve talked about him in my previous blog post- Friends from the Past. That comment doesn’t go very well with him, even though i said it in a very casual way, just like those silly conversations you have with your buddies. But i guess, the sharpness of my wit attacked him in the wrong place. Hey buddy! i am really sorry. This incident is really bothering me from last night since, it was really unintentional and supposed to be funny but it just backfired! Badly! Horribly! My repeat apologies have yet not garnered any fruits but i still hope he’ll forgive me. This is what i wrote to him as an apology note:

Dear Buddy,

I am really sorry for that stupid comment that i made about you, which i am sure is really meaningless! I don’t think you need any kind of approval or judgement from me or anybody on the kind of husband you are but i know you are a nice person and this is what really matters!! And i am sure you will be  the bestest husband for your sweet wife…. I really apologize if I’ve hurt you but i really didn’t mean it…

Sorry 😦

Silly me 😦


Still waiting for a reply…



Communication! Interaction! Exchanging ideas! The give and take of viewpoints! Expressions! Perspectives! Discussions!

All of the above words have an unsaid connection to each other which is so ‘stark’ and so ‘understated’ at the same time. I have always believed in sharing your sorrows and joys with your loved ones for this will not only help you feel good but will strengthen your relationships and bonding.

Image We have heard and read end number of stories, advice and to-do lists from the “so-called” relationships experts but not many talk about communication as an important factor in ‘Friendship’. I really feel that taking our heart out once in a while in front of your buddies is important. We often forget that our best buddies have to be thanked, pampered and loved for being a support system. They are our only channel that astonishingly sense our negativity, our mood swings, our nastiness and amazingly play the role of our perfect partner-in-crime.They make you laugh, crib with you about your employer, dress you up for a party, give you relationship advice, bitch about an annoying colleague and make Plan of Actions (POA) at a super-sonic speed in any SOS situation. Their sharp wit, undefeatable humor and gross jokes will make you laugh hard. As i am narrating the super special qualities of an ideal friend, i really have a person in my mind that perfectly fits in all the criteria and hence, i go back to the point from where i started- COMMUNICATION.



I feel i need to communicate with this friend of mine. ‘She’ made me laugh when i was drop-dead depressed; the one who came up with some insane ideas when i lost all my hopes for future; she inspired me to be a bit more fashion conscious and she is the one who told me its better to be bitchy sometimes. In a nutshell, people say she is the one who made me a little less- sophisticated. 😉 (I would say a little- easy- going person).


After praising so much about her, i really felt that we didn’t had a good conversation from the last few days. I know she is a bit silly and i am a bit cranky at times, but we know how to clear-out things and its time we both express our anger, our disappointments from each other and finally communicate.

For friendship is as delicate as a glass; a little mishandling may break a masterpiece.

May our masterpiece shines for years to come.

Cheers Miss ‘H’! 🙂


Friends from the Past…

ImagePast. Present. Future.

These three things formulate the core of our life. All are important. You need each one to build the foundation of the other so as to take a step ahead in your life. Your present will be past tomorrow and your future will emerge from present which is evolved from your past. Each passing second is now past and each second that we are awaiting is future.


I might lack a bit to explain this logic in a scientific manner but i am sure most people would agree with me on this.

The reason why i am riding on this journey of past, present and future is that this thing called ‘life’ is throwing me back to my past. Its really weird how some situations, people, circumstances and opportunities that you have left behind in your past just come back to you and this past suddenly becomes your present.


These last 6-7 months have been an eye-opener for me. Things happened, took some decisions, faced some hard time, struggled a lot but i survived. All this while in my present, suddenly my past knocked. By saying ‘my past’, i mean my long lost friends. There are people who never go out of your life no matter where on earth you are, in which situation you are, you can count on them anytime.I call them FRIENDS.

But the question is about past bumping into our present. While we might not like our bad experiences to occur again in our future, we long to experience our happy moments with our loved once again and again. So our choices makes this situation a little subjective. For me, meeting & interacting with my friend brought a sigh of relief for me as it was good to hear his story and share mine with him.


This made me think how important friends are in our lives. They are the ones who keep our secrets (not all the time though), give you a shoulder to cry on, listen to you for hours and shut you up with a cup of coffee, make you do silly things in front of unknown people and give you memories of a lifetime. I am blessed to have some of the most beautiful and amazing people as my friends. I must confess i am a bit lazy in keeping in touch with my old friends but i am so grateful to all of them for annoying me and taunting me all the time with huge complaints regarding no efforts to be in touch with them but its really sweet of them to come back to me and love me and annoy me the same way they used to do earlier.

So if one of  your friends from the past suddenly messages you out of the blue and ask you to help them, consider yourself ‘lucky’ because ‘you’ are the first one that they thought about in the time of need. And i really feel that a friend can not be tagged as a friend from past or present; a friend is a friend and that too for a lifetime.