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Certainly, I have somebody in my mind when i read these quotes!!


Valentines day: Some Random Thoughts


A cute DIY vase made by ‘Lil’ for her roses that’ll come on valentines day

Sooo tomorrow is valentines day !
I wish all the lovers a very happy valentines day ūüôā¬† Well! Having said that, i would like to say why only couples should have all the fun! Isn’t valentines day, a day of love irrespective of just one relationship tagged as “couple”.


For me, its a day for all those who love “love”; whether its a love they posses for themselves, their siblings, parents, family, friends, or for the far away extended family. I believe, its for anyone and everyone who believes in love. So if i am single, why should i wait for somebody to make me feel special on a particular day. I know for a fact that i am special and all of us are special in one or the other way. My point is why can ‘t we treat ourselves with the best lover and that is ‘we’ ‘our self’. We are the ones who can be a best lover to our soul as in our hearts, deep down, we know our strength and weaknesses and still accept the way we are. I am 99.9% sure that nobody but only you could love and respect you more than anything else. I am proud of being me and i love being me and tomorrow i am gonna remind myself that i am god’s special child and i am loved by him. After all these random thought, i came to a conclusion that i should do this everyday and not just on valentines day. Hmm…we can love people around us and make them feel special in each passing moment¬† rather than just one day a year. Yes, small things makes a lot of difference and a lot of hope for the coming year.
I wish all the lovely people a happy journey of a valentines life. May your love go beyond the boundaries of mere one day and transcends through out life. ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô•‚ô•


A second chance!

Heart Love  Wallpapers

As my dear friend ‘Harry’ was having this serious conversation with me on life, love, future, and family etc., my mind started wandering. The ‘poor thing’ is always working all the time. As for this time, i was trying to relate things, differentiating the good & the bad, analyzing and comparing all the incidents that I’ve heard and experienced; perceptions that I’ve made, books that I’ve read. All of it together. The one thing that instantly popped up after this ‘girly-talk’ was this particular book by Ravinder Singh titled – Can Love Happen Twice?novel

I am quite amazed at myself on how each and every piece of my blog has something or the other related to ‘love’. But i guess, its in me. Love is in me. I believe in its existence & its purity. People say that you love only once in a lifetime. But opposing this universally accepted truth, some of my friends strongly made a point that love happens again and again it is ‘true’ love that only happens ‘once’ in a life time. Now that’s a tricky one. How can you be so sure that the next time you are in love, its not true. I mean what are the parameters to judge the truthfulness of your love.

This book by Ravinder Singh is a second part to its previous novel- I too had a love story where the protagonist falls in love for the second time. He mentioned how gradually he falls for this second lady in his life but his first love was always in his mind and heart. He could never forget her.

wallpaperWe hear stories of broken relationships, second marriages and ¬†multiple partners quite often these days and stories of some who fall in love for the second time or the third time or sometimes fourth or fifth time which is not an unusual thing these days. I had this guy in my office who used to boast of having 45 girlfriends! and mind it he was only 26. Wow! Well that’s a different thing that he had this permanent tattoo on his arm that mentioned the name of this special girl in his life. I would consider her (the girl whose name was inked on his arm) his true love. He had a special corner for that girl. But this guy’s statistics in terms of number of girlfriends proved me that this theory of falling in love again and again might be true.

And if this second innings of love really works out for people and makes them happy then why not? After having said that  i also firmly believe in being loyal, honest, sincere & sacrificial in a  relationship and to stand by your partner during thick and thin. For those who are ready to make their second innings -an inning of a lifetime,  its never too late. Of course your first love will always be close to your heart but yes i do believe that love can happen twice!

Love yourself



I was browsing through my favourite pinterest page just now and this quote caught my attention.These lines instantly took me back into my childhood. Well, with a strong guilt, i am admitting today that yes i was highly self conscious of my looks, my height, my weight, my hair and almost anything & everything related to ‘me’. But all of us have those teenage years where we are struggling within ourselves.


As far as i am concerned, i was struggling a lot and had enough reasons to do so. I was fat. I was short and ugly. Well! i am not sure about the last one though. My pics tell me I was cute..;) On a serious note, now when i reflect back, i really think that i lost some of those precious years hating myself which would have been a lot more fun and lively if i would have been at peace with myself. I’ve always been a very private person from the very beginning. I think ‘shy’ would be the most perfect word that can be used to describe me. At school, i was exposed to a high peer pressure, extensive group dynamics and fierce competition that really tested me and molded me as a person.
self perception-resized-600

I have read ample psychological studies & stories that profoundly explains the life stages under which a person struggles and questions on his self- perception and is conscious about his/her image all the time but yes there are various other social-emotional factors that act as a precursor in doing so. In my case, i would say parting away with my best friend ‘M’ was the sole reason for my consistent self- hating period. ‘M’ as i would call her in all my future posts was my best friend since i was 2 years old. We grew up together and had fun times in the evening playing with all the kids in the lane. One fine day her family moved to some other locality which was far from my place and that was it. My sole motivator, my best friend, my confidant left me and so does my self-appreciating quality. I really think that its important that family should understand these unnoticed changes in their kids life which really make a difference on their heart and plays a key role in shaping their personality. Yes! i was at war with myself and was constantly asking myself that why did this happened to me? Time healed everything as i grew up but the horrible phase that i had really snatched some of the best moments of my life. I could back my previous statement with a fact that I used to miss my school trips, ignore my classmates for an evening snack party, avoid participating in extra curricular activities. Hmm… i feel bad now for not enjoying my time at school. But gradually, i met new people in college who were fun loving & literally opened my eyes to how beautiful this life is and how important it is to appreciate things about yourself and the world around you.

winning-at-life_20130423I think we are really privileged as we’ve been gifted this beautiful life by god. But there are only a few who appreciate the same. We constantly crib about how bad our lives are, how difficult our situations is and how much pain we are experiencing but we tend to neglect the joys that god has given us in the form of our family, friends, siblings.¬†Looking pretty, gaining or loosing weight, wearing branded stuff and owning a SUV have become so important these days that we have forgot to appreciate the little things of life and most of all appreciating self for being a person you are. Isn’t it amazing that god created ‘YOU’! You are the only masterpiece, the exclusive one. Of course, until and unless you have a twin brother or a sister..;)

But yes! learn to appreciate yourself and love yourself. I’ve heard people who say that there is a hidden world inside a person which is totally different from the outside world you are living it and i think we should try to flourish the innocence and liveliness of that inside world by relishing being the person you are so that our outside world can also be a calm beautiful and serene place to exist.