Back with a Bang!

July 15th, 2014th!! I published my last post almost 7 months back! Phew! I should be ashamed about this but nahh.. a lot has been happening and that was kind of more interesting and life-changing I would say! But after 7 months, I really felt the need to pen down whatever I was feeling all this time. Let me chart out a few milestones during these seven months-

  • A road trip to Kasauli

  • An adventurous birthday

  • A strangely arranged “match-making encounter”

  • The grand entry of ‘Mr. D’

  • The ‘so-called’ surprised pre-birthday bash for the most crazy person I’ve ever known

  • The Dirty Office Politics

  • My Resignation

Quite surprisingly, I could only think of these 7 big things and so on an average, I have one major incident in each of these seven months! Not bad! Quite a big leap from my not-so-happening monotonous life to a series of hard-hitting incidences. (although after all this, I am not sure my life is still ‘plain jane’ types or have transformed miraculously into something extraordinary)

I’ll be sharing details of each of these soon!



Winter Rains

ImageBefore the other blogs on my ‘readers’ panel entice me to read and read, i must open up my ‘new post’ section so that i can write! I’ve been thinking that the title of my blog mentions ‘seasons of life’ and how is it that I’ve not written something about my favorite season ‘winters’.

Image   Image

Although ‘winters’ here in India can be quite harsh and mean at times with numerous cases and incidents of people dying in various regions of the country, i still love this weather. For me, this season is all about trendy overcoats/jackets/scarves, hot cup of coffee, choco-muffins, roasted dry-fruits and the yummy Indian dessert ‘gajar halwa’. Apart from that a clear skin is a bonus in winters! 😉

ImageToday, when i was coming to my office, i encountered heavy rain and had to wait on the station so that i could catch an auto to the ‘madhouse’ (my office). Its astonishing that in the month of January when the cold breeze is likely to die-down, the rains are escalating the coldness in the weather. Moments like these really make you think about the larger picture like ‘Climate Change and Global Warming’. Its not a big deal for us as individuals that its raining in winters and its just another day but when you think a little more, dive deep into thoughts and take a bigger perspective, keeping in mind your society, environment and your planet, these things do matter to us. How often I’ve done something about my society? Have i thought about planting a tree or saving electricity? How about keeping my environment clean and spreading a word about being a little environment conscious? These are some questions that we all should ask ourselves occasionally, we can’t be mean all the time and think about our personal gain out of it. Yes, there is a gain but in terms of a safe environment where our children can grow without any fear of natural calamities, a society with enough resources and happiness everywhere.

I am all set to initiate my baby steps to save my environment but till then lovin’ the rains in winters 🙂

Happy Winters!


Here comes the rains…


Rains…all of us have some connotation to this word.

For me ‘Rains’, depict love, life, freedom and freshness. I experience all these emotions when i see rain. The aroma of wet soil, the sound of water droplets and the sight of greenery all over the place mesmerizes me every time i see rains. The best trait that i love about rains is that they bring back some amazing memories. Memories with my family and friends. I bet each one of us have an interesting story about rains that nobody knows. Well, i am not going to share that story with you rite now but yes, i do have an interesting piece of rainy incident with me!


Rains are a flourishing season. While some may like to cuddle in their living room on a sofa on a rainy day others might like to enjoy playing with the droplets in their balcony. Some may feel sad while missing their lovers others might love the company of their beloved in rains. Its a season of mixed emotions. I am sure rains must be the only season that can arouse so many sentiments altogether. Well, why am i talking so much about rains! May be because its raining outside and my mind is going back & forth in the memory lane recollecting the best & worst moments i had during rains.



Even though i have my share of complaint list for rains like the muddy roads, heavy traffic jams, water logging but rains are still my favorite season. Nothing can replace the taste of freshly steamed corns and spicy snacks with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Those flavors are meant for rains only. I still remember how excited i used to be when i had to wear my favorite raincoat to school and the fun i had with my friends while dancing in rains.

Its amazing how each season and weather is interconnected to the season of our life. We always have some memory, some story for each season. With a hope to create more ‘rainy’ memories and to live each one of them again and again, I thank god  for giving me rains. 🙂