Here comes the rains…


Rains…all of us have some connotation to this word.

For me ‘Rains’, depict love, life, freedom and freshness. I experience all these emotions when i see rain. The aroma of wet soil, the sound of water droplets and the sight of greenery all over the place mesmerizes me every time i see rains. The best trait that i love about rains is that they bring back some amazing memories. Memories with my family and friends. I bet each one of us have an interesting story about rains that nobody knows. Well, i am not going to share that story with you rite now but yes, i do have an interesting piece of rainy incident with me!


Rains are a flourishing season. While some may like to cuddle in their living room on a sofa on a rainy day others might like to enjoy playing with the droplets in their balcony. Some may feel sad while missing their lovers others might love the company of their beloved in rains. Its a season of mixed emotions. I am sure rains must be the only season that can arouse so many sentiments altogether. Well, why am i talking so much about rains! May be because its raining outside and my mind is going back & forth in the memory lane recollecting the best & worst moments i had during rains.



Even though i have my share of complaint list for rains like the muddy roads, heavy traffic jams, water logging but rains are still my favorite season. Nothing can replace the taste of freshly steamed corns and spicy snacks with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Those flavors are meant for rains only. I still remember how excited i used to be when i had to wear my favorite raincoat to school and the fun i had with my friends while dancing in rains.

Its amazing how each season and weather is interconnected to the season of our life. We always have some memory, some story for each season. With a hope to create more ‘rainy’ memories and to live each one of them again and again, I thank god  for giving me rains. 🙂