Wandering Thoughts

While browsing through some interesting blogs, i just thought of writing a quick post. Well, its a boring day at office, its not that i don’t have work, in fact i have lots of work! The irony is my will, my mind and my heart is a little lazy today and this whole ‘funda’ of writing “The Future Trends of the LED Lighting Industry of India” seems a hell lot of boring stuff right now! Yeah! i write technical stuff about LED lights, those tiny little bulbs that generally fuse off my sense while i dig into all the technical specifications and numbers. They really remind me of my physics classes in school and those were horrible. Nevertheless, i am not in a mood to bring in LEDs again into my discussions. I am here to make an honest confession.


Yesterday, i made a silly comment on my friend, a very dear friend. I’ve talked about him in my previous blog post- Friends from the Past. That comment doesn’t go very well with him, even though i said it in a very casual way, just like those silly conversations you have with your buddies. But i guess, the sharpness of my wit attacked him in the wrong place. Hey buddy! i am really sorry. This incident is really bothering me from last night since, it was really unintentional and supposed to be funny but it just backfired! Badly! Horribly! My repeat apologies have yet not garnered any fruits but i still hope he’ll forgive me. This is what i wrote to him as an apology note:

Dear Buddy,

I am really sorry for that stupid comment that i made about you, which i am sure is really meaningless! I don’t think you need any kind of approval or judgement from me or anybody on the kind of husband you are but i know you are a nice person and this is what really matters!! And i am sure you will be Β the bestest husband for your sweet wife…. I really apologize if I’ve hurt you but i really didn’t mean it…

Sorry 😦

Silly me 😦


Still waiting for a reply…


A heartfelt note of apology


Well, this is embarrassing! I can actually forgot my log in password of word press! Can’t believe myself, the ‘thing’ that i actually started with so much thought and love, totally got neglected because of my laziness! Hmm, i am ashamed but yeah i have some silly reasons-some shallow reasons like no inspiration, no time (because my free time is usually my sleep time ;)) and some deep reasons which are actually so deep that even i am unaware of them! But yes, my blog needs an apology and here i am writing some sincere words demanding plea from my blog-

Dear Blog,

I am sorry. I am sorry for not being there with you for this long!

I don’t know if you missed me or not, but i surely missed you. I’ve been thinking about you all the time but couldn’t get the courage to come up to you and share what i really feel these days. I know this sounds cheesy but yes, this is true. We always feel that if you love somebody, you don’t have to be vocal about it all the time, because if the other person loves you equally, they will understand. However, i don’t expect much from you in terms of being vocal ( πŸ˜‰ ) but for me you are precious.


You’re like an endless canvas for me, my secret open book, my confidante with whom i can share my thoughts, my views and my happiness and anger. I hope you will forgive me for not giving you enough time and love. I promise to take care of you and share everything with you during the ups & downs of my life.

Wish me luck!

With love

AMAN πŸ™‚ :*