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Beyond Words

Beyond Words

I found this story while browsing through some regular stuff from work. The pictures and the story was so touching that i had to share this. Whenever i lose hope, whenever i see betrayal, God give me signs. He indicates me that Love is eternal, it is pure and surreal.

Keep Loving!

2013: The Year to Remember!


Its 11.19 pm;31st December 2013, the last day of the year. Since morning, I’ve been thinking of writing something on this blog, not for people to read but for myself, to make a journal, a concluding note for the year 2013 which has been quite eventful for me. A lot of learning experience i must say!


I’ve heard people say and believe that number 13 is an unlucky number. I tried to Google search and inquire about the same but all i could make out was that its a mere belief and not confined to any particular religion or region. Some people are superstitious that’s why they believe and some follow what their parents, friends, family has told them; a norm which is been followed from one generation to another has made the number 13 a scary, unlucky digit and on the contrary, there are those who totally negate this theory of unlucky number 13. I must admit that i was one of them until 2013 happened to me. Although it was not that bad as it might sound to you after my whole explanation of the 2013 theory but yes this year would definitely embark some prominent marks on my life history. Till this evening, i had firmly stated that 2013 was not the year for me and yes people are right, its an unlucky number. My statement which was actually an innocent way of showing my disappointment was strongly challenged by my dear friend ‘Lil’ who threw light on the positive side of the coin.


To back my argument of a ‘not- so-good’ year, i place my evidences in front of her- the bad experiences i had in 2013- loss of loved ones, struggle in relationships, challenges in personal and professional growth and some unmet goals. The list is long! To my surprise, ‘Lil’ counterattacked my evidences with some ignored facts which actually got unnoticed because of my ‘less optimistic’ mood-swings. 😉 


She mentioned a nice list of achievements that i made this year which included- owning a new car, shifting to our new house, adopting some healthy habits and becoming a more smarter person, which she felt was a positive step to move ahead in life. I was content after she said all that. Thank you ‘Lil’.

I have always been a positive person and over the period of time I’ve learnt to let go of things which are beyond my control and this ‘unlucky 13 funda’ was struck in my head from past few weeks; a few minutes left before this year end, i feel hopeful. My misconceptions are clear. I feel positive; i feel optimistic. I’ve realized that our ‘karma’ creates our destiny not some number. What we do is what we get.


With the coming year, i wish i would achieve more and grow as a better person. May this world become a better place. People smile and share joy and each year and add a positive note on their lives.

Here’s wishing all a very happy new year! 🙂


In the end only…

In the end only three things matter-how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go off things not meant for you…
– unknown

I truly believe that destiny rules our lives, no matter how much thought you’ve put in planning each milestone of your life or on small intricate details of your day, there is someone who is making his own script; charting the next scene of your life. And hence, we should Love, Live & Let go off small & big things in life. For there is someone who is watching us & will sail us through all the storms that ‘HE’ has created.