The unanswered question


These days, i am on a constant verge of asking myself a question- Can our future be foreseen or predicted by someone? Well! i am talking about astrologers. I really think these people are after my life. I am giving that statement as it is based on a series of some incidents that took place in my life.


Horoscopes, zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac calendar, Tarot card reading etc. are some of the common terms that we all have heard at some point of time during our interactions with our friends, colleagues, family members. Everybody seems to believe a little bit of those predictions given by these astrologers on almost every aspect of life; be it your career goals, job predictions, love life, married life, birth of a baby or death of someone in the family. These people have answers for everything.


While we sometimes feel amazed and get surprised when the predictions of our zodiac sign  mentioned in the morning newspapers turn out to be 99% accurate but on the same time there must be a small % of people who might question its validity.


tarot cards

What if its just a coincidence.This uncertainty about this whole phenomena is what makes it questionable. Even though you’ve seen the results but deep down your heart you are really not sure whether to believe it or not. It was god’s decision or that astrologer’s schemes or suggestions that twisted & turned the route of your destiny. But the thing that amazes me the most is the blind faith that people have on astrology. Don’t you think this faith is more than the faith we have on god? It is like questioning the god and delaying or opposing the storyboard created by him for our lives.


The basic reason that i figured out about this firm faith in astrology is the fear inside our hearts- the fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of letting go off things, fear of being disappointed and fear of being alone. As a person, we all are scared of the ‘unknown’ and when someone terrifies us with the illusion of bad things that are awaiting in the future, we tend to fall for it. We try to find paths & reasons, solutions and alternatives that might fix the broken things. The things which are actually not broken but have the highest probability of being damaged. Again we are thinking about the future.

I don’t know about others but talking for myself, i too have fears. The fear of loosing those who are close to my heart. With the astrology thing popping up time & again, giving you signals for the same, you really tend to get confused. I have always believed in the almighty but if you look at things the other way, these predictions can be taken as hints by god since, he is the one who has created these situations and these astrologers. But still, i am confused and i will be till the end of the day because i am unable to figure out the answer of the question that got me started on this- Can our future really be foreseen or predicted by someone?