Moments of Despair


“Ignore’ is the word!” Yes! this is exactly what i used to follow and advice people to do so. Ignore whenever some morons comment at you. Ignore when a totally ignorant snobbish person judge your capabilities, ignore when people stare at you unnecessarily. Ignore when people do meaningless talks. But today, i feel cheated. I feel betrayed because these habit of ignorance is not really working for me. I am unable to ignore people who try to be bossy with me even if they are not, officially and personally. I couldn’t ignore the troublesome children who threw a water balloon at me (Holi festival is around the corner, less than a week to go) also, i couldn’t ignore somebody who is very close to me and thinks that i am a trouble!!! Oh really! but i wonder how!

I’ve always been good to people, tried to understand their perspective, helped them, cheer them up when they were sad, let go off my food and clothing for them, did their work, feed them when they were sick, literally sacrificed some of the most precious people in my life because of their disapproval and ignored their mood swings and yet, i am the one who is a TROUBLE! Great. I guess, this is what you get, a penalty of being too sweet! I want to ignore and erase this word from my memory as if it was not being said ever. But the ironical thing is the words said by people close to you hurts the most because they are the ones whose care, advice matters to you the most. I just have one question in mind, if i can ignore so many things of people why can’t they ignore small blunders done by me. Because this is what is expected if you are a family!

Actually, after writing these 304 words, i am a little relaxed. My mind is calm!


The words written above were an emotional outburst i had few days ago. While i am reading all this again, i am so so glad that i didn’t posted it at that point of time. I am actually proud of myself that i had that much patience and sense (even in that highly frustrating moment) that i shouldn’t rant like this on my blog! But now, since, i am over with that little disappointment, (a very small thing now that i look back) i am posting this as my diary post while i was in moments of despair!

Always be positive! 🙂



I’ve never been that kind of a person who would intentionally, actively and in all dedication find motivational quotes and phrases on a Google search engine to extract the essence of life. Although, i have no offence to such people simply because i have gradually evolved to be like them. There are times when you look for that perfect sentence or that one line which can cheer up your mood like anything. But with the lack of positivity or i should say lack of empathy amongst people around, you tend to fall back on ‘The Google’. 

Here are some quotes that i found on my desktop. All read and saved at different point of time at various situations and phases of life- Happy, Sad, Motivating, Aggressive, Inspiring and Mean. 😛


I bet this was downloaded after a bad day at office 😛


Honestly, I still need to learn that! 


Another one to cheer me up after the ‘Lack of Appreciation Syndrome’ 


The betrayal hurting & the soul speaking!


Dump The Fake Face- For those who pretend 


This one is quite tough but true 


Everyday is a new day 


The daily antidepressant tonic 


The favorite one!

Do share if you find anything interesting.


Compliments: The Golden Words


Everybody love compliments, especially if they are sudden, out-of-the-blue, totally unexpected and that too from the people who you would have never thought, even in your smartest guesses, that they would praise you. You are actually stunned that they are observing you, this closely. A pleasant remark that you receive by them can really make your day.

I must share this, me and ‘Lil’ are working hard on a magazine from almost 1.5 years; our editor is least interested in appreciating us for our efforts and the progress of the magazine. She says that if she’ll appreciate our work, (which is out of question, looking at her track record), we might take her words to our heads. Huh! I have definitely heard of a reverse psychology theory but taking it forward to this extent is quite a task and my editor, i guess, is doing a great job in this.  Hence, this drought of compliments and acknowledgement has really starved us to the core.

Today, one of my colleague complimented us for our efforts, our hard work and praised us on the outcome in the form of a brilliant issue. This appreciation was like a rain in the period of drought. Its strange that acknowledging something is so simple & easy and yet so difficult.

I am glad that there are people who know how to appreciate and for those who don’t, i suggest, should open their hearts so that there’s enough room for acceptance and gratitude!


A place called “Office”


Good morning blog dear!!!!!

The morning ‘actually’ seems good to me today. While coming to office, the cold breeze really cheered up my mood. The smell of the rain and the chill in the air gave me the message that winters are here. Yup, my favorite season, winter is here!

I am happy today. It’s quite strange though because i don’t know the exact reason for my happiness and yet i feel happy. My office doesn’t seem boring to me today. I have something to look forward to. Its true that i have the most weirdest colleagues in my office, the most stupidest of people in the management and the most silliest of office rules. I mean who would told their employees to keep their personal hand phones in drawers all the time; i think they need to be reminded that we are an events company & we are supposed to make contacts!


Well, i can go on & on and bitch about my office as i have some amazing characters here which could really make a nice plot for some bollywood movie. But yeah, its a madhouse, a real madhouse! Nonetheless, i enjoy being here, this place taught me so many things especially the bad things 😉 People here taught me that its okay to be bitchy sometimes (only to make your point clear/ to handle other bitches and to guard yourself from any kind of drama). I think your office and workplace becomes your second home as you spend your precious 8 hours. Conflicts & disagreements are bound to happen when so many people with different backgrounds and religion work together (My office is basically Sikh dominated & the second highest majority is of south Indians). Hence, these mixed cultures and friction of thoughts between random people here, somehow opened my thinking tunes to play a weirdly different kind of music.

I am all set to share all the interesting and funny things that happen here to tickle your funny bone. Keep reading !



Here comes the rains…


Rains…all of us have some connotation to this word.

For me ‘Rains’, depict love, life, freedom and freshness. I experience all these emotions when i see rain. The aroma of wet soil, the sound of water droplets and the sight of greenery all over the place mesmerizes me every time i see rains. The best trait that i love about rains is that they bring back some amazing memories. Memories with my family and friends. I bet each one of us have an interesting story about rains that nobody knows. Well, i am not going to share that story with you rite now but yes, i do have an interesting piece of rainy incident with me!


Rains are a flourishing season. While some may like to cuddle in their living room on a sofa on a rainy day others might like to enjoy playing with the droplets in their balcony. Some may feel sad while missing their lovers others might love the company of their beloved in rains. Its a season of mixed emotions. I am sure rains must be the only season that can arouse so many sentiments altogether. Well, why am i talking so much about rains! May be because its raining outside and my mind is going back & forth in the memory lane recollecting the best & worst moments i had during rains.



Even though i have my share of complaint list for rains like the muddy roads, heavy traffic jams, water logging but rains are still my favorite season. Nothing can replace the taste of freshly steamed corns and spicy snacks with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Those flavors are meant for rains only. I still remember how excited i used to be when i had to wear my favorite raincoat to school and the fun i had with my friends while dancing in rains.

Its amazing how each season and weather is interconnected to the season of our life. We always have some memory, some story for each season. With a hope to create more ‘rainy’ memories and to live each one of them again and again, I thank god  for giving me rains. 🙂


Friends from the Past…

ImagePast. Present. Future.

These three things formulate the core of our life. All are important. You need each one to build the foundation of the other so as to take a step ahead in your life. Your present will be past tomorrow and your future will emerge from present which is evolved from your past. Each passing second is now past and each second that we are awaiting is future.


I might lack a bit to explain this logic in a scientific manner but i am sure most people would agree with me on this.

The reason why i am riding on this journey of past, present and future is that this thing called ‘life’ is throwing me back to my past. Its really weird how some situations, people, circumstances and opportunities that you have left behind in your past just come back to you and this past suddenly becomes your present.


These last 6-7 months have been an eye-opener for me. Things happened, took some decisions, faced some hard time, struggled a lot but i survived. All this while in my present, suddenly my past knocked. By saying ‘my past’, i mean my long lost friends. There are people who never go out of your life no matter where on earth you are, in which situation you are, you can count on them anytime.I call them FRIENDS.

But the question is about past bumping into our present. While we might not like our bad experiences to occur again in our future, we long to experience our happy moments with our loved once again and again. So our choices makes this situation a little subjective. For me, meeting & interacting with my friend brought a sigh of relief for me as it was good to hear his story and share mine with him.


This made me think how important friends are in our lives. They are the ones who keep our secrets (not all the time though), give you a shoulder to cry on, listen to you for hours and shut you up with a cup of coffee, make you do silly things in front of unknown people and give you memories of a lifetime. I am blessed to have some of the most beautiful and amazing people as my friends. I must confess i am a bit lazy in keeping in touch with my old friends but i am so grateful to all of them for annoying me and taunting me all the time with huge complaints regarding no efforts to be in touch with them but its really sweet of them to come back to me and love me and annoy me the same way they used to do earlier.

So if one of  your friends from the past suddenly messages you out of the blue and ask you to help them, consider yourself ‘lucky’ because ‘you’ are the first one that they thought about in the time of need. And i really feel that a friend can not be tagged as a friend from past or present; a friend is a friend and that too for a lifetime.


A second chance!

Heart Love  Wallpapers

As my dear friend ‘Harry’ was having this serious conversation with me on life, love, future, and family etc., my mind started wandering. The ‘poor thing’ is always working all the time. As for this time, i was trying to relate things, differentiating the good & the bad, analyzing and comparing all the incidents that I’ve heard and experienced; perceptions that I’ve made, books that I’ve read. All of it together. The one thing that instantly popped up after this ‘girly-talk’ was this particular book by Ravinder Singh titled – Can Love Happen Twice?novel

I am quite amazed at myself on how each and every piece of my blog has something or the other related to ‘love’. But i guess, its in me. Love is in me. I believe in its existence & its purity. People say that you love only once in a lifetime. But opposing this universally accepted truth, some of my friends strongly made a point that love happens again and again it is ‘true’ love that only happens ‘once’ in a life time. Now that’s a tricky one. How can you be so sure that the next time you are in love, its not true. I mean what are the parameters to judge the truthfulness of your love.

This book by Ravinder Singh is a second part to its previous novel- I too had a love story where the protagonist falls in love for the second time. He mentioned how gradually he falls for this second lady in his life but his first love was always in his mind and heart. He could never forget her.

wallpaperWe hear stories of broken relationships, second marriages and  multiple partners quite often these days and stories of some who fall in love for the second time or the third time or sometimes fourth or fifth time which is not an unusual thing these days. I had this guy in my office who used to boast of having 45 girlfriends! and mind it he was only 26. Wow! Well that’s a different thing that he had this permanent tattoo on his arm that mentioned the name of this special girl in his life. I would consider her (the girl whose name was inked on his arm) his true love. He had a special corner for that girl. But this guy’s statistics in terms of number of girlfriends proved me that this theory of falling in love again and again might be true.

And if this second innings of love really works out for people and makes them happy then why not? After having said that  i also firmly believe in being loyal, honest, sincere & sacrificial in a  relationship and to stand by your partner during thick and thin. For those who are ready to make their second innings -an inning of a lifetime,  its never too late. Of course your first love will always be close to your heart but yes i do believe that love can happen twice!